Thursday, October 04, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2012

01. The Fresh & Onlys - Long Slow Dance [Souterrain Transmissions 033]
Instant classic I stumbled upon when reviewing stuff for FAZE magazine's August issue and totally loved it, not only for the involvement of Wymond Miles who has been featured in my monthly chart before. The Fresh & Onlys cater a garage-y PostIndie / PostWave feel with a bit of campfire attitude, sweet but lively melancholia and an overall blurryness that perfectly accompanies the state of my heart these days. Make sure to check out the thrilling PostIndie anthem "Fire Alarm" if you're about to set your floor on fire literally as well as "Foolish Person" on B4 position which is a blueprint of what might be named as Rock-flavored PostGoth somewhen in future times.

02. Bratze - Highlight [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details...

03. B. Fleischmann - I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet [Morr Music 119]
I already reviewed an early bird pre-release copy of "I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet" in the August issue of FAZE magazine but felt like I should add the full release vinyl to my collection before charting it. B.Fleischmann caters all lovers of intimate Electronic Shoegaze, decent Electronics, Indietronics or whatever you name with an excellent album piece that one should love and play on a daily basis until its worn out only to buy a new copy then. Which I'd love to do, especially for the secret hits "Beat Us", the cynical "Your Bible Is Printed On Dollars" and the speedy, Drum'n'Bass-flavored "Some / Others / My Husband" that are all witty and of heartwarming quality music- and lyricwise. Sweet.

04. Ulna - Ligment [Karl Records Promo]
Another one that has been sitting in my post box amongst the latest FAZE promos for review mailout and is the only album which has been rated 10/10 when it comes to my contributions to the recent issue. Available as CD format only and limited to a run of 222 copies this one announces the return of the ultimate Phonk in what might be filed under the flag of Advanced Electronic Music. Partly Electronica / IDM, partly Electro like quite a few of the early Skam releases were - remember "Phonok: Remixes" or "This" -, sporting a deep as fuck attitude and suiting any reasonable dancefloor that hasn't been brought up on a straight diet of life- and loveless 4/4 drums. Pure pleasure for the leftfield, abstract minded headz out there coze Ulna are catering a long lost feel and one can surely feel that they do it from the heart. Get.

05. Die Else Girls - Pop In Der Frisur [iRRland 004]
What a weird release this limited to 300 copies 7" is. (No)Wave meets Artschool meets NDW meets Dada - a song about a hairdo and a spaced out uptempo DiscoHouse-induced remix by Flavio Diners featured on the flip. Totally recommended. Me likey.

06. Kreayshawn - Something 'Bout Kreay [Columbia Promo]
A detailed review on this album is published in the recent issue of German FAZE magazine which defo celebrates the musical work of the new web 2.0-star Kreayshawn who mashes up any kind of dance these days with her new major-signed album, no matter if it's Booty Bass, HipHop, Dancehall, Grime, NuRave or BMore / Favela Funk without running out of ideas or energy over the albums runtime of approx. 45 minutes. Plus: compared to her comrades in arms like Diplo she keeps away from hyper compressed sawtooth basslines and ultraventilating information overdose thinking of gazillions of sonic events per split second. Although her tracks are buzzing and busy as bees no-one feels exhausted or even annoyed after listening to at least the half of "Something 'Bout Kreay" which is good. Kreayshawn is one to put on the ultimate watchlist these days, even more if you're in love with female Grime acts like Shystie. Hot stuff and I expect "Go Hard" to be on heavy rotation like everywhere soon 'coze it's an excellent example how Pop and underground meet ends for the win.

07. Kambo Super Sound - Kambo Dub Station / Don Papa - Dans Hall Dub [Sex Tags Amfibia 013]
The Sex Tags Mania offspring Sex Tags Amfibia is coming up with sth. fully unexpected for me these days - a 7" that caters classic, high quality DubHouse in its original meaning straight out of the studio of Kambo Super Sound and a sweet DigiDancehall riddim created by Don Papa. Especially the first mentioned tune totally sticks out as I haven't come across proper DubHouse since the mid- to late 90s when I was partying hard to the massive bass vibes spread by Hamburg's finest Fat Back Soundsystem which still are my reference point when it comes to being introduced to Dub and soundsystem culture. For me these days are filled with sweet memories and this is the main reason why this nice little sucker sits in my collection right now.

08. Om Unit - Aeolian [Civil Music 038]
Om Unit is firing guns again, this time going way deeper than with previous releases and exploring new realms with his five track strong "Aeolian EP". Musically somewhere in between Dubstep, bass driven Electronica and some Downtempo- / TripHop-influences all of them tunes work well with advanced punters on the dancefloor with "Dark Sunrise" sticking out as brightest and most remarkable piece due to an ultra dope beat in combination with the sweet vocal effort of Tamara Blessa. A perfect closing tune? For sure. Another guest appearance of long time Dubstep producer Kromestar is to be found on the flip - "Lightworker's Call" is the name of the tune which can be described as spaced out, string loaden work of instrumental ScifiHop killing every dancefloor with its massive, all-embracing bass and a sweet little melody that is about to be stuck in everyones eardrums for sure.

09. Sascha Müller - Musikalische Science Fiction Impressionen [Pharmacom Records Promo]
See review for details...

10. Unbalance - Unbalance #5 [Unbalance 005 Promo]
A detailed review of this 12" is to be found in the recent issue of FAZE magazine as well - 005 on this artist led and focused label that caters dark Techno with a quite hypnotic approach that's accompanied and created by metallic, kinda Tribal-sounding percussion elements building up tension continually on the A-side. The flipside focuses on dark, grinding and defo Industrial-flavored BrokenTechno, kicking off with a cold but dense athmosphere that includes some astoundingly oriental-sounding sample work one wouldn't have expected from the tracks mechanoid intro - that's what I'd call a proper contrast.


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