Monday, October 15, 2012

Kasper Björke - Bohemian Soul [HFN Music 021 Promo]

Only released today via Hamburgs hfn music is Kasper Björkes latest single "Bohemian Soul" which he recorded alongside the Danish long time Pop stallions Laid Back. Three reworked versions of the title track are to be found on this one - the "Still Going Remix" on the A-side is serving a dark'ish but Rave-influenced variation that reminds me of Yello as well of Underworlds massive uber-hit "Rez" with its ever floating meandering synth figures and trademark vocals meant to set the roof on fire at primetime occasions whilst the "Adana Twins 'On A Cloudy Day' Remix" is flirting with decent DeepHouse flavours, sweet chords and nicely built string arrangements accompanying the grating synth motif. Finally the "Tambien Remix" is on a deep tip as well but acts out on a slower tempo and combines its blurry vibes with a krauty feel and ritual percussion works that seem to be either live recorded in the studio or, maybe more likely, sampled from a documentary on aboriginal ceremonies taking place in largely unexplored parts of this planet. Nice one.


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