Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bears. - I Was A Good Hunter Until That Day [Voluntary Whores 001 Promo]

A new label on the experimental tape / cassette circuit is Voluntary Whores which recently released its first - and limited to 40 copies world wide - catalogue number, a conceptual one-track-per-side C60 tape dealing with a mysterious story that might've really happened - or not - in Canada's north-western territorities in the 1930s and is roughly spread out on the tapes art cover. This story is told in two parts that can be described as a kind of Industrial radioplay (not radioplay) as there are no real speakers involved although field recorded voices and screams are part of the composition. Musically we've to deal with a mixture of wild FreeJazz-flavored drumming appearing on side A in combination with Drone, Dark Ambient and heavy Noize, melted and amalgamated to a tense soundtrack-like score triggering dark inner eye pictures. Sometimes it feels like the field recordings were taken from old  8mm film of things that have happened some day - not in the 1930s, of course. If they're not they're a pretty good fake anyway. And without planning to spoil any expectation one's got to unveil that throughout the whole running time it becomes pretty clear that, whatever the story is about, it's not going to end in a land full of coloured ponies and rainbows. Neither recommended for light heartened persons, for alone-in-the-dark consumption nor for allergic subjects being responsive to dogs. You don't want to find out why.
Hunt this down. Then you will.


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