Saturday, October 27, 2012

Duality Micro / Sascha Müller & eVADE - Recycled Tapes Vol. 4 [Pharmacom Records]

Put on the circuit via Pharmacom Records these days is the fourth part of the limited to 15 copies per release "Recycled Tapes"-series which is released as enhanced edition including a recycled tape plus an additional 3.5" computer disc carrying two low-res mp3 files. Starting off with the 3.5" first which contains the tracks "Broken  Stick" and "Start" yb Sascha Müller & eVADE, the first one of these being an epic and shamanic vision of lo-fi House with dreamy, trancey elements that kinda remind me of an old and worn out early 90s DJ mixtape played and copied a gazillion times but still spreading fragments of that special spirit it used to hold in its heydays whilst the second one focuses on a wrecked, abstract but still recognizable motor city vibe and could well stem from the studio of Hieroglyphic Being / The Sun God and his fellow musicians and unveils, after all these years, a new flavour that hasn't been heard in Sascha Müllers musical work so far. Quite a surprise that's spread out over a playtime of 10+ minutes. Talking the tape the A-side sees Duality Micro serving four parts and one edit of his tune "Ontmo", starting out with the so-called "Asi Edit" which is a dry, fast and hectic lesson in MonoAcid and followed by parts 1 - 4 which are keeping up with the dry vibe as well but acting out in rather a technoid area although Acid is felt here as well. If you've been feeling Steve Stolls production under his Datacloud moniker this one's made for you. On the flip Sascha Müller & eVADE are starting things with their track "Hidden Bassline" before catering three more versions of "Broken Stick" which are keeping up with the shamanic vibe but in more trancey and / or uptempo variations. Defo a good and for sure a rare one. Watch out.


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