Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daniel Half - Lonely Boy [Shhhh Records 008 Promo]

Shhhh Records closes their release circuit of 2012 with the first ever vinyl album released by the Italian DJ and producer Daniel Half which serves a longplay piece stuck in the middle of dancefloor fitting but still tense, Drone-influenced Armchair Techno and minimalistic Deep Listening Ambient that's close to being dark but in the long run more eerie and full of suspense, fully fitting into the sonic worlds explored by Shhhh Records up to this day and limited to 196 copies pressed. The record is - and that's a new move here that, arguably, could be seen as a step into art and conceptual territories - accompanied by a board game and a full length DVD including videos shot and created for all of the albums tracks and it doesn't happen without a reason that the albums plastic sleeve holds a kind of "explicit content" sticker preventing minors from violence and pornography as well as epileptics from attacks. Having checked the DVD full length in one long session which was not that hard to bear but well intense I think it's better not to sell this one to minors as the full load of flickering lights, unearthly athmosphere and multi-layered patterns of blowjobs or sexual activity, gore, slaughterhouse documentaries, puking, natural disasters, women giving birth and subtle comments in conjunction and or contrast with Daniel Halfs music might be too much for some youths - and adults as well. But keeping that aside it's a well thought piece of conceptual art that fits snugly and leaves the consumer with a not well pleasant feeling. Leaving out the visual aspects and talking just music it surely is an album that really is album'esque, working well between the field markers of SlowHouse and Ambient and it's pretty good for that. Not sure if the DJs will pick out single tracks though as there's no obvious hit or banger on it that really sticks out but for sure it's an album piece that is about to stand the test of time.


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