Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Tiger Fingers - Little Drummer Girl [Hafendisko 004 Promo]

Forthcoming and scheduled via HFN Music offshoot Hafendisko is the new Tiger Fingers 12" named "Little Drummer Girl" which is serving the original version plus remixes crafted by Night Plane and Jimmy Edgar. Whilst the "Little Drummer Girl" comes up as a kind of sweet, innocent and synth-driven CosmicPop flirting with stuttering ElectroDubstep-influences, Nightplanes so-called "Club Mix" emphasizes the electroid aspects  throughout its intro and evolves into a deep late night piece that surely can be filed under the flag of Intelligent Techno due to a warm, hypnotic feel and embracing low frequency basslines reminiscing about the Sheffield Bleep-era. Yes, there used to be real b-a-s-s in Techno and 4/4 driven music that's other than SpeedGarage / Niche / FutureGarage and it's good to see that a few producers still do know. On the flip Jimmy Edgar flips vox snippets back and forth while switching between straight bassdrums and his specific vision of what contemporary breakdancers - are these still out there ??? - would pop and lock their bodies to. Anybody ready for doing the robot again? Plus: his string arrangements are simple as fuck but of a seductive beauty that's nothing but timeless. Finally Nightplane's on remix duty again with a second rework that's made to please the DJs loving a bit of Disco-feel attached to their decently pumping DeepHouse. Labels like Esperanza, Mild Pitch or - partly - even Philpot seem to be adequate reference points to point out roughly where this journey is about to take these jocks.


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