Monday, January 14, 2013

Nogociella - Quando Comincai A Vomitare [Voluntary Whores 003]

In opposite to Mr. James Brown tape culture is still alive and the Voluntary Whores-imprint seems to be one of the most active and busy audio cassette labels these days, putting its third release on the circuit now - all of them released within a few weeks only. 003 is produced and recorded by the mysterious project Nogociella no-one seems to know a thing about and which is not traceable no matter how hard one might try to find any information on them. It's like they've vanished. But what stays is their music - 105 minutes of Deep Listening and hypnotic Minimal Ambient that partly reminds the experienced lover of Experimental Electronics of musical works provided by artists like Tarkatak and the likes of although being slightly darker and rougher in attitude especially when it comes to the aesthetics of sound design. But it's this roughness that sucks ones brain in to the event horizon of diabolic and supernatural powers like a dark star formed of strange matter, providing gravitational forces and deadly conditions in which evil lurks. We are the dead.


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