Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sascha Müller & Keno Meescher - Acid Burns Christmas "Live" [Psychocandies]

That's a pretty Psychocandies launch into 2013 - although being released as promotional mp3 file only it cannot be wrong by any means to psych out and drift away to a floating 78 minutes long, live recorded Acid set that is based on the hypnotic sounds of three well known and beloved machines numbered 303, 808 and 101. Name it a fetish but there's nothing compared to the combined forces of these three, especially when their knobs are turned and twisted by the right hands. And as Mr. Müller is known for being a well trained, experienced Acid master one might expect nothing but the highest quality in here. Raw, stripped down to the fucking bone and expertly programmed - time flies by fast as fast can and one's very likely to press the repeat button after only a few seconds of silence. Not only due to the fantastic mid set AcidElectro parts that are to be found revolving around warm and embracing bassline modulations. This ain't a release, this is a drug. And we're all addicted. Bang. 


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