Wednesday, January 02, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2013

01. Sinkane - Runnin [Phonica Records Special Edition]
Taken from his album "Mars" which will surely featured in my next months charts Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab serves a perfect fusion of AfroBeat, Funk and a little slice of SynthPop with "Runnin" which is remixed by the likes of Daphni and Chandeliers on this 12", both adding individual flavors to this seductive tune - Chandeliers serving some Dub-references with loads of echoes and offbeat-strcutures whilst Daphni is coming up with a tripped out KrautDisco-version that will be loved by all Cosmic-headz as well.

02. Ossie - Ignore (Yes I Did) feat. Tilz / Find It [Hyperdub 067]
Ossie is, without any doubt, one of the most remarkable artists walking the line between Future Garage, UK Funky, Broken House and classic UK Garage these days. "Yes I Did" featuring Tilz on vocal duties is what's to be called a classic ladies tune and I'm sure all the girls out there will gladly agree as this track is sexy as fuck with it's sweet, syncopated rhythms and little funky stabs. "Find It" on the flip is on a housier tip instead including some balearic sounding guitars and sweet microvox cut-ups on top of lively bassline arrangements and hollow but trippy percussion works. Essential.

03. MPIA3 - Your Orders [R&S Records 1211]
See here for details and snippet video...

04. Artificial Intelligence & Command Strange - Mad One feat. Jamakabi / Broken Grounds [Metalheadz Platinum 013]
Two deep and dark rollers that easily prove why the Metalheadz camp is still relevant after all these years. Jamakabi's vocal work on "Mad One" is essential, subs on both tunes are deadly and the drum structures are as simple as timeless. Should perfectly mix with Loxy & Ink's "Twisted 3rd Mind EP" from back in 2002 which still is one of my favorite Drum'n'Bass releases ever.

05. Brume - 7 Trumpets [Voluntary Whores 002 Promo]
See review for details... 

06. Boris Dlugosch - Knalldrang [Poker Flat Recordings 134]
See review for details... 

07. [CLR 064 Whitelabel Promo]
Quite a mysterious one I reviewed for the German FAZE Magazine - a whitelabel surely associated with Chris Liebings CLR-imprint but  holding the press info for a release from back in 2011. Anyway, this one's an epic piece with Madchester-flavored vocals that's about to set floors on fire within seconds. The long A-side mix is recommended for primetime TechHouse moments whilst the two mixes on the flip are on a more dark'ish tip that's also well working on EBM and Goth floors due to a special tense seasoning.

08. [BLOOD Promo]
Sweet one. A 12" featuring two tracks of Acid-infused TechHouse without any given information on artist or track names, just "BLOOD" engraved as matrix number and appealing to fans of the recent Abe Duque or other artists keeping up with a raw, spiralling Acid vibe today. A more detailed review on this one can be found in January's print issue of FAZE Magazine.

09. Rampue - Sonne, Park & Sterni / Joney - Elbillharmonie [Audiolith 059 Promo]
See here for details, announcement and a free download... 

10. Langenberg - The Finisher [Dessous Recordings 112 Testpress]
See review for details...


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