Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boris Dlugosch - Knalldrang [Poker Flat Recordings 134]

Admittedly it was quite a surprise getting the news that Hamburgs House-pioneering Boris Dlugosch is about to release a 12" via Poker Flat Recordings these days as - although there is a connection established through the vibe of early ChicagoHouse that's obvious in a lot of Steve Bug productions which is the labels mastermind, a sound that Boris Dlugosch used to spin at the legendary Front club in Hamburg - both of them seemed to work and exist in two parallel worlds for long times, worlds that didn't intersect much due to rules unspoken but somehow being common knowledge. But now the time for a crossover has come and the result is a good one. Despite trying to cater crowds with a typical Poker Flat-styled record Mr. Dlugosch reminisces of the ecstatic AcidHouse days with a stomping plastic beat, cowbell attacks and ever modulating sawtooth basslines on "Knalldrang" that pay homage to classic tracks like Stephan Novak's "Ibiza" under his Amnesia-moniker whilst "Sweet Talks" hypes High-NRG House lovers with its short cut snippets, flickering breakdowns and an overall attitude of uplifting Disco vibes - a true primetime piece that even manages to introduce a quantum of Acid bleeps to posh diva'esque vocals. On the flip Show-B is at the controls for a rework of "Knalldrang" which is a full-on deconstruction of the original version, building what could be referred to as a new and independent track from the microacoustic fragments relying only on the manipulated vocal sample featured on "Knalldrang" and its trademark claps, transferring the whole thing into a deep, partly dubby affair with swinging offbeat chords and a laid back vibe. That's what I call a proper rework - me likey.      


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