Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mynoda - Night Bathing [Voluntary Whores 004 Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via Voluntary Whores as the labels 004 is "Night Bathing", a four track debut for Mynoda which is the collaborational Dark Ambient / Noize outfit of the Russia-based artists 1g0g, DN23rd, Струп, Obzdur and Shebuzzz which have been busy in the underground CDr and digital circles of eastern Europe throughout the last years. Now with their conjunctional efforts available on tape as a limited edition of 70 copies they've created music out of hissing noises, harsh layers, indifferent sound accumulations and distorted field recordings of what might be political speeches - although I'm neither able to understand nor to speak only one word in russian language the overall athmosphere of the recorded voices just feels like they've got a political or suppressive nature. Turning the tape the musical mood turns as well catering tranquil and calm Dark Ambient with slowly swelling pulses and decent bass movement happening in the background, creating a cold post-thunderstorm athmosphere of a radioactive kind - the sound of the city after the mushroom cloud decayed.


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