Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trentemøller - Live In Copenhagen [In My Room]

Recently released for the iTunes-crowd and only available on the digital circuit is Trentemøllers "Live In Copenhagen" album which is, basicly, the final show of his "Into The Great Wide Yonder" tour recorded and finally re-mastered for home consumption. Captured in Copenhagen, Denmark these previously unveiled recordings showcase not only Trentemøllers musical mastership and his ability to set crowds on fire - yes, you can hear the crowds reaction on this album ! - with a kind of music that is deep, touching and defo hailing from an own, lonely and deserted planet as it absolutely sticks out from any known compository works with contrasting electronic harmonies on top of an experimental, but surely DesertRock-influenced backing, it also emphasizes how much effort and energy was put into the live performance of the original album as each and every song was completely re-written to a certain extent. Although single elements are still there has been a huge refurbishing before Trentemøller took his live partners in crime on stage for first rehearsals, studying the musical magick of moments that is now available for all those who missed this or any other show of Trentemøller & his band. Which are plenty as the mentioned tour took place in front of sold out capacity venues most of the times and although a live recording can never replace the full-on live experience this one is more than a release put on the circuit to please die-hard fans only.


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