Thursday, April 18, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2013

01. Young Fathers - Tape One [Anticon]
See review for details...

02. Yvat - Feldspar [Minor Label 028]
You used to dig Autechre but you think their best days are long gone as they've lost their bouncy beats vs. deep strings and nice little melodies path? Went off into deconstruction? I'm totally with you here and that's why I love Yvat's recent "Feldspar EP" on the great Minor Label so much. The man named Octavian Justinian Uta - and which is better known to his parents under this name - brings back this special and long time missed twist again, serving the best Electronica 12" I've come across in ages. Limited to 200 copies in grey-marbled vinyl and hardly available via regular distribution channels. Get your copy, now!

03. Waze & Odyssey - Be Right Here EP [Madtech 009]
Quite a banger on Kerri Chandler's Madtech Records served on a light blue vinyl disc by Waze & Odyssey who are crossing borders between House and Future Garage quite regularly these days. This one's more on a House tip though and especially the A2-tune "Found The Rhythm" with it's oldskool-reminiscing, diva'esque vocal samples and Rave-driven stabs is a high energy weapon that's not to be missed for any reason.  Killer.

04. Sin Fang - Flowers [Morr Music]
See review for details...

05. Mihai Popoviciu - Here [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]
See review for details...

06. Factory Aire - B.O.Y. [Shaddock 006 Whitelabel]
Love ItaloDisco? Then this one is for you as it comes as contemporary, 2013 update of the classic sound bringing you epic synth lines, cute lovable melodies and a retro futuristic feel that cannot be denied. At least this is what the original cut of "B.O.Y." is all about - plus: a whole fucking lot of smiling faces - whilst remixers like Stingray, Atom TM and Auxon explore the musical realms of stripped down, dark'ish HighSpeed Electro with a drexciyan twist, deeper House variations with frolicking, ever modulating basslines and more uplifting TechHouse vs. (Neo)Italo themes. Quite varied, exciting and good for that reason.

07. [Ellum Edits 001]
More Depeche Mode here although this one is surely unofficial. "In Excess" on the flipside is a seductive ElectroHouse / Broken Beat bootleg of a track of unknown origin but "Mode One / Mode Two" on the flip of this red vinyl 12" are taking care of one of the bands most reknowned tunes from their huge "Violator" album named "Policy Of Truth" - one time served as ElectroHouse variation but even more fascinating in "Mode Two"as a stripped down, deep (NuSkool)Breaks Edit. Must have.

08. Vereker - Rosite [L.I.E.S. 019]
The Long Island Electrical Systems-label - or short: L.I.E.S. - goes through a bit of a hype these days albeit I don't see a mandatory development leading to this as the imprint releases 12" taken from all facets of the electronic music spectrum, varying not only in style but also sound quality so there's no given target audience it aims at. And to admit things, until this day I've never been picking up any L.I.E.S. release that got me straight by the balls. But things changed immediately with this one catering raw, unprocessed, analogue and ultra vivid underground Acid and Techno cuts that seem to be taken from a live basement jam directly recorded to a worn out cassette tape, pressed onto vinyl without any additional reprocessing or mastering. Underground as underground can get but without a doubt nothing but a killer jam.

09. Depeche Mode - Heaven [Columbia / Mute]
Although the original single release of "Heaven" as teaser for Depeche Mode's recent "Delta Machine" album was not really convincing the remixes provided here transfer the tune into exciting spheres. Blawan's Dub takes away at least most of the original song and is a standalone piece of kinda dark'ish analogue Techno whilst the so-called Owlle Remix is an excellent example of how electronic SynthPop should sound like, not that bluesy as the "Heaven" radio single but still longing and with an epic 80s attitude that is pretty seductive. The "Steps To Heaven Vox Dub" is a sweet piece of Electronica-driven TripHop with dubby reference points on B1 and the final Instrumental Version provided by Matthew Dear and Audion caters the SlowHouse-/(Neo)Cosmic crowd with a sweet late night groove.

10. Kris Wadsworth - Death [Get Physical Music 216 Whitelabel]
Actually I've never been a big fan of Get Physical Music so this one was quite a surprise, seeing Kris Wadsworth and Jimmy Edgar collaborating on A1 here, coming up with a proper piece of metallic MinimalHouse that reminds me of an era when Minimal still meant stripped down to the bone without any additional surface noise or whatever they add to that these days. Add some driving, intense stabs to that and you get what this tune is about. Whilst A2 is a more pumping piece the B-side unveals a very special twist branching out into raw Jungle / deep GangsterBreaks sketches and classic electroid RoboPhonk. Good one. 


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