Friday, August 23, 2013

Sascha Müller [Super 6 Extra 011]

Sascha Müller needs no further introduction to the readers of these pages. One of the most productive german sound wizzards, undeniable master of Acid and defender of analogue, oldskool production standards starts this untitled album with a bunch of four tracks dedicated to the trippy, modulating sound of the DR-55 vintage synth before branching out into bass heavy, acidic Slowtronica, classic killer Techno with a hectic, Jeff Mill-related twist - "Indigo" -, straight minimalistic TechnoPhonk that has been badly missed since Cisco Ferreira a.k.a. The Advent left that path years ago - "Calypso Boogie" -, dry BrokenTechno excursions for very advanced primetime floors, twisted and swampy Acid-/ Electro-hybrids  or funky, stripped down House tunes with warm organic bass lines. Good stuff in here, get.

baze.djunkiii & Sascha Müller teaming up @ Landungsbrücken / Hamburg


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