Monday, August 12, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 08.2013

01. Alex Niggemann - Tangram EP [Poker Flat Recordings 141 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Times Are Ruff - So, Where Is Your Bottle EP [Times Are Ruff 003 Promo]
Times Are Ruff and so is this 12" which brings us pure dancefloor pleasure with a triple pack of pounding and a hell of streetwise DiscoHouse tunes for those reminiscing about the mid-90s heyday of this style with a shitload of good stuff coming from cities like NYC and great labels like Nervous Records. And this is what we get here - raw, proper, timeless music for street cats and full-on House headz. Niceness.

03. Telepathic Bubblevinyl Vol.1 [XXC3 1327 Promo]
See review for details... 

04. Facial Mess / Sealteam 666 [Hirntrust Grind Media Promo]
See review for details... 

05. Christine Nogociella - Seams / Virgin / Dierows [A86.H Promo]
See review for details...

06. [Pressure Traxx 003] 
First and foremost this one went into the box for the massive House-tempo Breakbeat-driven "I Give U Everything" which is nothing short of a weapon for live turntable action, cuts and other mix wizzardry. Plus: the 90s feel in it, a time when BreakbeatHouse was a way more common thing than it is today, is absolutely great. But the other tracks like the storming "WHTNY Beats", a variation of the labels 001, and the raw, acidic "Get Off" with it's undeniable basement feel are absolutely stunning, so I guess it'll take some time 'til this one leaves the box again.

07. Tobias Stöckmann [Stavro 002 Promo]
The second release on the relatively fresh Stavro imprint serves two tracks which are to be filed under the flag of BrokenTechno fused with the echoes of DubTechno that might also appeal to all real Dubstep and Future Garage headz due to it's minimalistic, stripped down approach, static basslines and anthemic synth lines unfolding on top the A-side track named "Aa" whilst "Ab" runs on a more dark'ish and intense level. Watch out for this one, especially if you happen to be into producers like Monolake or Deadbeat these days.

08. Trentemøller - Candy Tongue [In My Room 013 Promo]
See review for details... 

09. Evn - Oh Cruel Science [Enklav 013 Promo]
After a digital only start the Italian Enklav.-imprint serves its second vinyl release with this one which is actually a five tracks journey into deep sea, 90s flavored Electronica and - talking the A2 tune "Handplant" here - experimental HighSpeed Techno that can be compared to the works of US-underground producers like Hieroglyphic Being or The Sun God due to it's untamed attitude. But predominantely we'll find the Electronica aspects ruling this 12" which are - if not necessarily ground-breaking - at least expertly crafted and recommended for chilled consumption.

10. Edward - Remixes On Conny Plank [White 020 / Grönland Promo] 
Three remixes for tracks co-produced by the German studio legend Conny Plank who's son is actually working on a documentary about his father as I learnt by chance last weekend. Responsible for all of the remixes featured on this one is Gilles Aiken a.k.a. Edward who caters expertly crafted cuts here, keeping an eye on the original Krautrock-flavored feel but still manages to transfer it into a more modernist context. Especially his remix of "Farmer Gabriel" is an excellent and well lively example of this work with it's tribalistic athmosphere and probably jungle-recorded sample bits developing and layering all the way through the tracks runtime whilst the two tracks on the flip turn out to be hyper-dry, minimalistic Electro excursions for those in the know without obviously unveiling their original Krautrock heritage.  Recommended.


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