Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saroos - Return [Alien Transistor Promo]

Scheduled for early September via Alien Transistor is "Return" which is Saroos' third longplay album assault since the release of their self-titled debut back in 2006 - an organic ten track piece beyond any style flag and categorization more detailed than "film noir-related". There's a feel of old 60s and 70s spy flics, a touch of Jazz for a reason, Downtempotronica and heavily tripping Dub variations - "Seadance" / "Rhoda" / "Morning Way" - as well as sweet chilled ambient'ish passages, all woven into the less than 38 minutes runtime piece that "Return" is, making it a deep listening experience for late summer and early fall days, recommended for consumption in the last hour before the sun sets whilst reflecting on the past days' happenings. And before anyone comes up with the term of PostRock here - Saroos' music is even beyond that. And it's tripping good.


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