Friday, October 04, 2013

CyberCHUMP - Flutter And Flow [Internal Combustion]

News have it that the US-american band outfit CyberCHUMP has released a new album a few months ago on which they keep exploring the realms of Deep Listening Music and Ambient, following their very own path of experimentation and - most importantly - keep always keen and hungry in terms of musical progress. This means, referring to their latest longplay work named "Flutter And Flow", that they're fusing Electronica and Ambient spheres referring to space as what might be named as overall audio topic not only due to the album cover artwork with some Dub-references and the use of trippy, psychedelic Kraut- and ArtRock guitars, creating a calm but still thrilling sound architecture that even turns into a feverish Glambient vision with the use of ancient drum rhythms in "Neon" and trips out advanced dancefloors with the all embracing AmbientDub waves of "China Dreaming". Recommended. 


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