Saturday, November 09, 2013

OHRchitekt - Bunker Behaviour [OHRchitekt self-released]

Sitting in today's post box was "Bunker Behaviour", the latest full on bass driven CD album joint put on the circuit via OHRchitekt which some of you might remember from releases popping up on Sascha Müller's Pharmacom Records throughout the past six years or so. On this thirteen track piece that starts with a slightly distorted industrialized version of Dub he fully turns his head into various interpretations of Bass Music from Dubstep and related styles to more French DarkJungle-flavored Drum'n'Bass tunes to - sic!!! - raw and uncut experimental BigBeat / Chemical Beat bangers and shuffling, well splintered halftempo grooves with a doubletime Electronica vs Drill'n'Bass-infused attitude. Other experimentalist and highly floor destroying madness is to be found here and although we can't analyse every track in detail it's very likely that this piece should sit in your collection if you've been or still are diggin' musical works provided by artists and labels like Crackhead Worm, Torsion Records, Bombdogs, Audio Illusion, Deadsilence Syndicate, Zod, Michael Forshaw or early Dexorcist productions. So what's left to be said about OHRchitekt ? He's a purveyor of the deepest underground sounds for those who know,  dancing in run down basements of a decaying post fall-out society.


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