Saturday, November 02, 2013

Mr DNA x DOS4GW - Demon's World / Dos Castle Dos [Hirntrust Grind Media 038 Promo]

The Austrian Hirntrust Grind Media-imprint is back on track for the colder season with it's 038, welcoming microphone warrior Mr. DNA, on the flip lyrically supported by NoEmotion GoldMask, and beat wizzard DOS4GW to it's ever growing roster. Sticking to the beloved 7" format again - this time served as orange transparent pressing - the collaborational joint explores the realms of Mutant HipHop and tight raps - especially when it comes to the epic, beatless break in "Dos Castle Dos" that lets every rhyme spitting geezer fall silent forever - on top of stripped-down, hyperclear, nearly scifi'esque and surely Electronica-trained, heavily compressed beats blasting through P.A.'s like wrecking balls through walls. There's no escape but to move whatever you got when this gem is on. Damage will be done. For sure.


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