Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mental Overdrive - Cycls [Love OD Communications Promo]

On the production circuit for more than two decades now Per Martinsen a.k.a. Mental Overdrive released his new album "Cycls" via his very own label Love OD Communications on December 21st,  a conceptual album piece featuring ten tracks dealing with the Mayan end of the world scenario that was predicted for December 21st of 2012. Starting his journey with some kind of an apocalyptic Ambient piece named "A Fireball, It Is Red, The Sky Looks Black About It" which incorporates exactly these words in a quite threatening way Mr. Martinsen progresses into ritualistic House with "Trollhunter", explores Rave-stab gravid UK Funky terrains with an undeniable 'troity twist when it comes to the string arrangements of "Sunstorm", fuses tenacious basslines, balearic guitars and sweetest, heartwarming melodies on "Damascus" whilst turning his head into ultra-distorted, experimental Breakbeat / IDM / DarkJungle workouts with the follow-up named "Quarks". More high quality RitualHouse with a trancey twist is to be found in "Dada Urka" whilst the Dubstep / Future Bass crew will wave its hands and lighters to the super dry 808 drums of "Kollaps" which is to be referred to as future classic instantly due to it's seductive stabs and sweet melodious basslines. Heavy halftime beats and synths meandering in between Trance and (Neo)Cosmic for a maximum effect are the basic foundation of the anthemic "Systems" which is another hit featured on "Cylcs". Meanwhile the synth beauty of "Liverpool Street" comes up with a kind of ecclesiastic, contemplative attitude that is nicely contrasted by the positive, dancefloor moving force of the closing tune "Beaches". If that's the soundtrack of armageddon we're ready to join the party. If armageddon is cancelled we'd like to praise one of the most varied albums we've come across  in 2013. Recommended.


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