Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 016]

Sascha Müller is back with the 16th untitled album offering on his very own Supersix-imprint and as a regular reader of these pages you might know that this ends up in quality. Although his more melancholia-/ minor note-driven opener "Radio 2000" is quite an usual approach for the Uelsen-based producer when it comes to Techno but it's the second tune on this album named "Ready To Fight" that sees him stepping back into upfront, storming areas again. What's defo new to Mr. Müller's sound spheres is the fully acoustic, contemplative "Gong Part 1" that brings in the feel of Asian temples and monks before the full-on TechnoJazz- / BrokenTechno-vision of "Schweinereien" touches down on advanced, primetime'ish dancefloors with its simple but lovely melody. The follow up named "Shadow" - another heavy BrokenTechno workout - serves the first heavily pounding bassdrums being the foundation of uncompromising dancefloor killing tool whilst the next tune "Shadow Man" is more of a steadily grinding attack on the crowds efferent pathways with a minimalistic DBX-like twist. I see ppl losing control to this one for sure. With "Ritual Of Life" as eighth track we'll find a really proper and nicely floating piece of TribalTrance whilst the "StarkStromGenerator" deals with a dry, bouncy, stripped down Techno variation well appealing to all fans of Cisco Ferreira's Kombination Research label. Another dry and skeletal but more scifi'esque piece to be found here is the 12+ minutes runtime piece "Synthese" which turns out to be a kinda hypnotic, repetetive Ambient / Clicks'n'Cuts tune on a solid bass foundation but without any beats at all. Finally the closing "Troy" is hectic, Jazz-driven House music that reminds me of Compost Records early days - think "Future Sound Of Jazz" here - or more experimental Vienna-based Jazz meets House crossovers put on the circuit by the usual suspects. Nice one.


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