Saturday, December 21, 2013

Joined Forces: baze.djunkiii Joins Joinmusic

So much music out there to talk about, so many promos flying in and so little space for reviews in print magazines and / or not enough staff in terms of manpower to take care of it all when it comes to online publications - quite a well known fact to everyone invlvd in music press. Plus: there's a lack of writers able and willing to handle the more sophisticated, leftfield or just not that well known stuff we all know as "underground music" when it comes to serving proper reviews but also when it comes to being connected directly to the heart of the scene, the labels, DJs, producers and creative minds, being able to provide news and content straight from the core of what's happening.

Seeing a need for exactly this the mainly Hamburg- and partly Berlin-based online magazine Joinmusic and baze.djunkiii, founder of these pages your on as well as author for FAZE Magazine and others, most recently agreed upon a collaboration which sees baze.djunkiii serving exactly the kind of content mentioned above for the Joinmusic website: news, track, reviews, the occasional video and more - served in German language and following the magazines mission statement "Good Music Only"...which doesn't imply that there won't be scorchers at all.

So if you've been following baze.djunkiii writings for a while now make sure to check out his first articles about vinyl from Russia and technoid whitelabels from the 12" underground which have been published these days.


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