Saturday, January 18, 2014

Steve Bug - Simple, Thick & Raw [Poker Flat Recordings 144 Promo]

Scheduled for late January is the first Poker Flat Recordings transmission in 2014 and the labels 144th single release which is crafted by its leader Steve Bug himself. Named "Simple, Thick & Raw" this nice little 12" piece brings us three tracks - "The Arpeggio" on the A-side and "Thickest Bass" alongside "Smoking Parrot" on the flip - that fully live up to the high expectations one might have when the master himself is at the controls. These tunes are as Bug as a Bug can be with their stripped down, tense atmosphere, dark synth arrangements and sparse but effective tones. Talking the A-side dancefloors are sent to heaven when the nervous, spine-tingling melody appears to add a bit of extra thrill to the warm embracing bass chords building a super solid foundation on the low end of the sound spectrum.  Exploring the flipside we'll find a similar use of bass chords here, too, which are complemented by crunched vocal snippets to a more tool'ish but uberly functional and sexy tune. Finally we see the "Smoking Parrot" on B2 coming up with a nice, ever repeating five tone melody and a sparsely changing, skeletal rhythm structure for late night floors. As that is where Mr. Brügesch's tunes work best anyway it's pretty clear that a lot of DJs out there are about to love this one as well. Quality.


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