Thursday, January 09, 2014

Introducing: Lost Reviews From The Archive - Was nach der Deadline übrig blieb.

Regular readers of these pages might have recognized the occasional review written in German popping up here like this or this or that throughout the last 18 months or so, all called "lost reviews" because they had been originally written for print but weren't published due to a lack of space. But as has been focusing on an international audience ever since it always felt like second best to include them here, just because these reviews seemed to break the flow being isolated areas of a language that's not accessible to every reader. So I finally made up my mind and came up with

"Lost Reviews From The Archive - Was nach der Deadline übrig blieb." which can be accessed via .

Basicly this will be a personal graveyard and archive for reviews written in German that remained unpublished for one reason or another, aiming to provide access to these which might have ended up in dust-covered digital archives otherwise. While working on the site and having a lot of hustle including re-routing and setting up virtual name servers and stuff I've never done before some content went up already and will be updated whenever new stuff is there. And if I do manage to set up the feed right updates will be published automatically via twitter as well.


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