Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 017]

Back once again here is the unstoppable. Incredibly skilled and  musically hyperactive Sascha Müller serves the next update in his ever growing series of untitled albums on his very own Super Six Records-imprint. Starting with the analogue, granular sounds of "The Dark Side Of The MS20 Part 01" which is - according to it's musical headings - not only a kinda swampy and isolationist area but also a huge intro track for an album considering it stretches out over approx. 14 minutes runtime. But it wouldn't be a Sascha Müller release at all if it wasn't all about House and Techno and so the monotonous, machine-like bang bang bang of massive bassdrums not accompanied by melodies but more mechanical noises is introduced with the second serving named "The Entrance" - a tune made of steel and concrete for sure that's followed by a deeper, more stripped down and hell of sexy Oldskool House menu going by the name of "The Nightbird". More greatness is to be found on this one in musical areas as there are Harsh Experimental Electro, frolicking Motor City bangers, heavily bubbling, analogue Acid baths and even raw, uber-dope Acid TripHop / Chemical Downbeat for advanced dancefloors. Variety rules and if it's served in perfectly crafted way it's a quality no-one can't deny. Add to your collection.


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