Sunday, February 02, 2014

Animalhouse - Neater This Time/ Sandy (W.A.S.O.) [Hirntrust Grind Media 037 Promo]

Yes, it's Mutant HipHop time again. Austria's Hirntrust Grind Media label kicks off 2014 with a long announced 7" by Brooklyn's conjunctional triple Animalhouse consisting of Akaaap, Dreadface and Risk which are serving lo-fi'ish, pretty stripped down killer beats for Hardcore HipHop headz, Word Sound addictz and crackhouse dons with "Neater This Time" featured on the A-side of this dope smoke marbled vinyl pressing whilst "Sandy (W.A.S.O.)" on the flip is a way more threatening affair with tense, heavy and defo evil electric guitar noise underlining angry, hate fueled slowmo raps and raw, unprocessed 808 beats going wild, accompanied by a scores'que use of strange noises and quirky samples. Morphine Rap anyone?


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