Friday, May 30, 2014

Driftmachines - Nocturnes [Umor Rex 065 Promo]

Scheduled for release on June, 20th via the Morr Music offshoot Umor Rex is "Nocturnes", the latest six track album piece created by Andreas Gerth of Tied & Tickled Trio and Florian Zimmer of Saroos under their conjunctional moniker Driftmachine. Serving about 48 minutes - incl. track number 7 that is, which is available as digital bonus - of studies in organic (not only) Ambient Dub the pair of producers starts out with the quite stripped down "Claire Obscure", a tune that can be best described as variation of classic Dub techniques whilst the following "Drift" is meandering between trance-inducing (Neo)Cosmic synth lines and thrilling Dubstep minimalisms for primetime abuse, made to cause some serious movements on tripping bass floors. With the remarkable Electronic Dub excursion "To Nowhere Pt.1" that's focusing on pure analogue bass as its main element, accompanied only by skeletal, scattered beat structures Driftmachine prove that tension, thrill and dynamics are way more important to get bodies and souls in motion than the EDM-proclaimed loudness wars whilst the tunes tribalistic variation "To Nowhere Pt.2" will be loved by all fans of the Shackleton-lead MythStep movement for a reason due to its damp and feverish overall feel that's followed by a still fever'ish but way less active "Sternenmeer" sporting electronically wafting synth bass movements with a kinda psychedelic twist that are perfect for late night ChillOut floors. The - physical - albums closing tune "Reveil Des Oiseaux" introduces the magic of unprocessed piano movements to a more threatening Illbient-influenced vibe that fans of the now seemingly inactive or closed down WordSound imprint will be able to connect to within seconds. Finally we see the digital bonus "Call Mr. Mariba" recalling the electronic waft of "Sternenmeer" again on a more melodic and probably trancier level, ready to set floors in motion and - as said already - get MythStep heads all excited. Recommended for a reason.


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