Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 021 Promo]

Still being one - or the ? - most productive production-bot within the German electronic music scene we're not that surprised that Sascha Müller's twenty-first untitled album released via Supersix Records Extra was sitting in our postbox only recently and furthermore we're not surprised that the twelve tracks on this one are of excellent quality again as this man is no man but machine when it comes to twisting knobs in his studio. No matter if it's the bustling Techno psychosis in the opener "No Civilasation", the modulation heavy but stripped down Detroit Minimalism of "Non Plus Ultra", the monotonous and uber-functional Techno banger "Operator" or the House stab laden stomper "Pattern Work" with its hard-hitting House approach with a deep NYC twist - this guy knows his craft for sure. More recommended tunes on this album are the deep, hypnotic, minimalistic - not: Minimal - "Ping Pong", the thriving, psyched out Acid workout "Portugal" with its 90s AcidTrance reminiscing modulations and finally the contemplative Ambient piece "Gong Part 02". We like that.


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