Monday, June 02, 2014

Orlando Voorn - Black Diamond [Outelectronics Promo]

Scheduled for June 2nd via Outelectronics is Orlando Voorn's "Black Diamond" album, the third one  within his production career of two decades that includes an impressive stock of remixes and releases on imprints like R&S Records, Ignitor, Underground Liberation, Detroit Dancer, ESP Records, Push, Superstition Records, Underground Resistance and many more. And it's this experience and mastership that shows when it comes to his latest longplay outing, a nearly 72 minutes long ten track journey through the whole spectrum of electronic dance music with a 'troity twist. The opener "Rewind" turns out to be a deep excursion into classic, though Ambient-flavored Electro, the title track unveils a love for classic Funk embedded in frolicking melodies and expertly crafted, abstract string constructions on top of a 4/4 foundation whilst "Relaxation" serves hypnotic strings, heavy, unprocessed bassdrums and a steady cumulation of elements, like decent Acid cuts, incisive hi-hats and vivid synth stabs - an amalgamation to die for when played out to a Techno loving audience lusting for the next ultimate climax. Due to that this track should be renamed to "Excess" for a reason. "Acid Trip" fully lives up to its name being a snare heavy tune to be filed under the flag of mind-bending  HypnoAcid, the floating and trippy "Travelling Through The Speed Of Time" unveils a deep understanding of what the term Intelligent Techno should be used for in 2014 and the marching "Shifter Bass" with its staggered bassdrums and calm, droning and Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia-reminiscing strings is going down the same alley although featuring more lively but still abstract synth motifs. Talking the positive and kinda cheering sunrise vibe of "Morning Dawn (Hi-tech Soul Mix)" this one's defo made to please all followers of Detroit's finest Underground Resistance in their less aggressive, soulful moments whilst "Gain Upwards" is a full on DJs tune - straight in your face Techno made for maximum dancefloor impact. Towards the albums end we see "Higway Soul" spreading a more conciliatory vibe before the closing "Hydrotech" kills dancefloors with a huge, anthemic ClubTechno sound, serving rich but sterile future stabs and punching, displosive claps. Call this one a banger? You're damn right. Fully recommended album that holds back its best track until the very end is nigh.


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