Monday, June 16, 2014

Yucca - Seasons [AdP Records Promo]

If you like your Indie Rock with a ruffer edge, stadium-like attitude and a massive, muscular, electronic drive you are defo recommended to watch out for Yucca's new longplay piece "Seasons" that's about to be unleashed via AdP Records on beautiful, dark blue'ish vinyl within the next days. Driven by their anxiety for huge shout-a-long anthems with a complex twist the five piece outfit from Nürnberg is on a high octane fueled ride with their eleven tracks here, crashing dancefloors with songs like "Lass Mich Ich Sein" incorporating bits and pieces from Punk and Grunge whilst killing things with lines like "I Need No More. I Need No Win. I Need I Need No Mask, I Need To Drink", fusing stiff, robotic beats with shoegazing desert guitars and heavy, Noize-laden MathRock meets piano breakdowns ("Between The Lines"), easily embedding Faithless-reminiscing Rave-stabs into bangers big as a "Home" and delving deep into Wave-/ GothRock-referring melancholia with the albums title track to be found on B1. More Shoegaze / Desert Rock that meets raw, highspeed Indie is to be found via the sample, cut-up heavy heartbreak-dealing "Never The Same", "Close" explores edgy and epic Pop realms whilst "Intimacy" hops on a more melodic train with a song that still lives up to Yucca's wall-of-sound philosophy that's one of the bands preferred stylistic devices musically. Closing the "Seasons" album with "Wake Up" Yucca caters a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour whilst interweaving falsetto-fied background vocals and lo-fi'ish 80s-Disco references in their Indie vision. That's what we'd call a proper, pretty entertaining album - go and check!


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