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baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2014

01. Laibach - Spectre [Mute Records]
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02. Fatima Al Qadiri - Asiatisch [Hyperdub]
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03. The Skull Defects - Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown [Thrill Jockey Records Promo]
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04. Tunng - Turbines [Full Time Hobby]
Although I've already reviewed this longplayer by the British Folk-outfit Tunng for FAZE Magazine when it was released back in 2013 it took a while until I managed to add the full release vinyl pressing to my collection - and it's a great one to accompany a warm, sunny summer with its tenderly embracing vibes that - despite of using some electronic instruments - are not that experimental and leftfield as one possibly could expect from a band that is often referred to as providing Experimental Folk. More than that, Tunng do not only write lovely songs but are also to cater the Folk-loving dancefloor with hits like "By This" or the clap-heavy, sing-a-long song "The Village" that's driven to heights by a simple but fascinating Dub'esque electronic offbeat tone. With "Follow Follow"  Tunng even manage to get the Indietronics crew swinging along beats that will be also loved by those following bands like Pulka or the long-time defunct Digital Kranky-imprint whilst "Embers"  are floating on angelic, wide-spaced vocals and the "Heavy Rock Warning" turns out to be an intimate, introverted closing song. Recommended for a reason.

05. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir) - Athenaeum Of Unedited, Superannuated, Incomplete, Unreleased, Intimate Works, 2011 - 2013  [Hobo Cult Records Promo]
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06. Oni Ayhun [OAR 003]
Olof Bjorn Dreijer of The Knife-fame explores the realms of deep, thrilling and very Motor City-flavored Techno under his secret alias Oni Ayhun with this one. Originally released in 2009 and repressed in 2010 this one is quite a blast with tripping, melodic synths and cinematic strings spread out over a straightforward 4/4 foundation catered on the untitled A-side that also could've been released via a great label like R&S Records throughout it's great 1993 / 1994 period. Same goes for the excellent and even more fascinating, melodious Intelligent Techno piece on the flip that is stretched out over more than 10 minutes but is so lovely and loveable that it could literally run forever without ever being tiring. A masterpiece in its own right.

07. Alex Blaxx - It's Been Done Before [Dessous Recordings 121 Promo]

Seems like Steve Bug's Dessous Recordings has been embracing the original sound of DeepHouse with this one again, a sweet four track 12" - although only three tunes are mentioned on the label, so we're about to refer to B2 as hidden track - by the relatively fresh producer Alex Blaxx who has been making first waves with his 2012 appearance on Buzzin' Fly. With the title track Mr. Blaxx builds a bridge between deepness, nice and airy, more positive, uplifting melodies falling together as a timeless variation on House music music, whilst the "Gilmore Hereaux" brings in a darker, kinda raw and storming approach, serves delicate female vocal snippets and a demanding piano motif working itself into spiralling climaxes and high energy realms. Plus: do not forget the synth sirens to be found here. With B1 on the flip Mr. Blaxx seems to embrace the seductive SlowHouse groove, adds some simple but lovely stabs, a techy, hypnotic and ever repeating tone and likes to keep thing quite reduced and stripped down when serving a sex driven, late night affair that turns out to be a fine closing tune with a female vocal sample singing "Different from the rest...". Finally we see the unnamed hidden track serving an ecstatic, lively variation of classic House music, bringing in killer melodies that are kind 94'ish and a whole lot of energy for prime time crowds.

08. Supershirt - Der Vierte Affe [Audiolith Promo] 
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09. Unknown Artist - Unknown Release [Unknown Label Promo]
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10. Mental Overdrive - Mønster [Love OD] 
I actually stumbled across this tune whilst reviewing Mental Overdrive's "Everything Is Connected" album and although the 12" version of "Mønster" is slightly differentand not that UK Funky-related as the album cut is it's still a heavy, slightly oldskool-driven Rave banger with maximum impact for sure. The flipside tune "Ritual" starts out with a seductive bassline and a longing organ motif slightly reminiscing of Jaydee's alltime classic "Plastic Dreams" talking the tunes atmosphere here before it evolves into to a percussive, tribalistic banger that caters some mind bending bass tones in its last quarter.


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