Friday, July 11, 2014

Fhloston Paradigm - The Phoenix [Hyperdub Promo]

Forthcoming on Hyperdub these days is King Britt's first longplay piece under his 2009 introduced and recently fully adopted more experimental moniker Fhloston Paradigm. Within fourteen tracks we see him exploring a truly cinematic world of soundsets, fusing epic panoramic elements from Synth pioneering icons like Vangelis or Jean-Michel Jarre with PostStep-reminiscing beat structures, weaving in the uberly syncopated, Jazz-flavored beat science of the Broken Beat / West London Phusion sound and finally arranging layers and layers of melancholia soaking string arrangements and 'troity bleeps around this hot amalgamation to a thrilling, futuristic effect. Especially the 2.5 minutes smash "Chasing Rainbows" is about to sent well-experienced dancefloors to heaven whilst the follow-up "Perception" teaches sweet lessons in sci-fi'esque modular synthesis and creates deeply alarming and pretty (in)tense scores for flics yet to be filmed - defo recommended to all fans of classic Ambient and Deep Listening Music. Alongside the great voice of Rachel Claudio the Fhloston Paradigm explores the possibilities of heart-warming, organic Phuture PhillySoul in all its shining angelic glory that's also recognizable in the Electronic Opera of "Tension Remains" with Pia Ercole on vocals - btw talking Electronic Opera: does anyone remember Cosmic Baby's "Futura" ? This tune would've well fit in there. But back to "The Phoenix" - the delay heavy 4/4 title track that beams us back to clubland with its freestyle synth jams, laser'esque sounds and psychotic Acid bursts - one for setting the roof on fire when hammered in the context of a pumping 3 a.m. session. Within the 91 seconds of "Portal 3" Fhloston Paradigm creates an aphotic, thunderous sonic armageddon followed by tripped out, siren busting TechnoJazz workout that seems to be one of the most tension-heavy tunes ever created within this niche. Without going into further details it seems like King Britt is - using a different name though - still on top of his game with this pretty diverse, yet coherent and fascinating album on Hyperdub. Props for that.


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