Thursday, October 16, 2014

4ZZZ1 - Untitled EP 1.0 [Psychocandies 028]

Lo-Fi Distortion Techno? Broken 8bit Beat? Heavy banging underground sounds for the headstrong? If all of these styles seem well appealing to your musical preferences you are well recommended to check out this EP featuring a bunch of six tunes that are about to smash the last bit of sanity left on a heavily heaving dancefloor into bits and crumbling pieces within seconds. From the very first track onwards this 32 minutes tour de force is firing from all cylinders, starting off with a bouncy, crushed Psycho Techno piece for the headstrong, continuing the crazy rollercoaster ride with super giddy melody pieces laid out over militant, Hardcore hailing drumworks and metallic, dry, futuristic uber-bleeps whilst the third tune of six can be described as hammering distortion excess for those digging the most extreme borders of what might be filed under the flag of Broken Industrial Techno - or Rhythm Industrial with a technoid twist. Talking track number four we're still following the same path musically although the bassdrums seem to be even more compressed and harder hitting whilst echoes of psyched out Acid are providing a spiralling background of braincrashing sonic modulations, before things speed up a bit and we're greeted with Industrial Speedcore-references in the fifth of six untitled tracks when all of 4ZZZ1's machines run on full tilt mode whilst some rusty pin-joint is irregularly squealing off rhythm. Finally the closing track provides an ultraminimalist highspeed workout somewhat between Next Level Drum'n'Bass and supersonic, sterile Electro that could've well been created by the master of sci-fi sounds, the great Current Value himself, throughout an experimental studio workout. To be unleashed on October 28th - get this monster!


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