Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mus.hiba - White Girl [Noble Label Promo]

Just released via the Tokyo-based Noble Label is "White Girl", the debut album of the Japanese producer mus.hiba who's been able to gather some attention due to his use of artificial voices singing on top of his cloudy, intimate and melodic Electronica pieces  since his first Soundcloud uploads in 2011. Generated from a free vocal library the crystalline, super fragile lyrics bring in a special kind of hyper synthetic melancholia that could well stem from one of the countless Japanese manga series telling tales of white knights, lost love and romanticism in a universe far far away whilst the electronic foundation is swinging back and forth between Skweee, Beatmaker electronics, intimate Downtempo- as well as even Leftfield Pop moments and - in parts - a deep, more abstract and slightly fragmented Juke-reminiscing feel that takes the genre to unknown yet soft-spoken territories. With "Doll" we find the most fascinating tune on "White Girl", an abstract, Piano-featuring piece of Space Ambient / Intelligent Electronics with sparse, skeletal beats and a robotic sci-fi twist whilst the follow up "Moonlight" is one of the most caressing pieces in electronic music we've come across throughout the past months. Finally fans of slow jams will be well fond of the closing "Hitori" waving farewell as a glockenspiel-sporting, heartfelt ballad for lovers of Manga Pop Futurisms. Otaku's will love it. For sure.


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