Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rasmus Fisker - Hydra [Clang 021 Promo]

Just released on 24th of November via Clang is "Hydra", the debut album of the Denmark-rooted artist / producer Rasmus Fisker and a ten track longplay piece pleasing those being into - slighty organic - Ambient structures, deep listening electronics and Clicks'n'Cuts based aesthetics alike.  From the deep, introvert, pure and possibly Jazz-infused Piano Ambient "Interlude" to the surely Clicks'n'Cuts schooled, dulcimer (?) featuring and partially distorted Indietronics piece "Hemis" via the albums title track that fuses calm, foggy and slowly floating structures with quirky, hyperdigital distortions heavily disrupting the original flow the musical journey goes, including fragile crystal Drones shoegazing on top of dubby, digital structures like in "Enter" or the contemplative yet buzzing contrast to be found in the nice, classy Electronica work of "Sleep Patterns" which is to be picked as our personal favorite here. Based on the impression of these few tracks alone, followed by more of a similar kind of class, one can easily tell that Rasmus Fisker is one of the producers to watch out for if one's missing the timeless, tender yet experimental approach that seemed to be common sense in the Electronica scene of the late 90s and early 00's but for some reason faded whilst making way for what's now called Beatmaker or GlitchHop music. We like.  


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