Saturday, December 13, 2014

Whitehouse Performed By Zeitkratzer [Zeitkratzer Records 0017 Promo]

The ever busy Zeitkratzer collective, originally founded by Reinold Friedl in 1997, set sails for a new musical adventure, a new recording, which took place at the festival Music Action in Nancy / France where the nine piece group performed their interpretation of music originally created by the legendary Industrial group Whitehouse, led by William Bennett who is joining Zeitkratzer on vocals in the opener "Daddo" here. And although the use of  instruments like violin, violoncello, piano, clarinet, french horn and others might suggest the sound of a proper orchestra we're still talking about the music of Whitehouse here, a name and band being synonymous for unrest and unsettledness, for discomfort and unpleasuring intensity, both in musical performance and with regards to content and political message, that still remains shocking to a majority of people and even with a good amount of experience in intense, experimental music some of the darkness and evil unveiled might be hard to bear - especially the last two minutes of the opener are a good example for this lyrical phenomenon. With the second track "White Whip" hypnotic, Didgeridoo-like dronings meet nervous, super high frequency swirls, explosions and Noize eruptions all over the stereo field whilst soft strings try to pave their way through the vast chaos. In the slurping "Foreplay" sirens meet dark, drooling, highly degenerated creatures ready for actions one is not recommended to think about and the screamingly intense, strident tones of "Incest" in combination with classical, near-Ambient strings and utterly mad male vocal emissions can surely be seen as depiction in sound when it comes to the act of forced incest with minors, speaking child rape - the tortured souls fleeing from pain and abuse of any kind. Finally the fevering, ritual interpretation of "Fanatics" seems to evoke ancient fears of mankind, bringing in slow drum pulses, demonic hissing and spiralling insect-like noises that leave no doubt about the fact that something huge and well-ominous is lurking somewhere in the dark corners of the usually tutelary cave. Do not play this to minors! They might  be harmed.


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