Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hyperdub and Teklife present Nextlife [Hyperdub Promo]

When it comes to Chicago's highspeed dancefloor craze referred to as Juke or Footwork there's no doubt that Hyperdub , alongside Mike Paradinas' Planet µ, is one of the pioneering labels pushing that specific windy city sound to the next level, raising attention all over the globe. Teaming up with the notorious Teklife crew, once home and family to the scene's pioneer DJ Rashad, Hyperdub recently unleashed "Nextlife", a twenty track CD compilation paying homage to the vast stylistic variety to be found within the Juke / Footwork scene. With loads of contributors from all over the place we see stunning workouts like the Jungle-reminiscing "Do This Again", an atmospheric but amen-heavy cut crafted by DJ Earl x DJ Taye, the 8bit, computer game tribute "The Matrixx", a super bleepy collaborational effort of DJ Taye x DJ Manny or the "House Of God"-sampling Hardcore Basement hybrid "Godz House" causing serious mayhem on the dancefloor whilst DJ Tre's "DNB Spaceout" is pure Breakbeat sickness for all lovers of the early 90s scene - mad devastation happening here. Analysing every single track seems like a bit too much, but there's more good to excellent stuff to come for sure. Later on we see things getting really experimental with the Electronica-infused, knob twiddling Piano melancholia of Sirr Tmo's "Live In Chicago Subway" that takes on a slightly tender and romantic perspective that was previously unheard of before in Juke and Footwork, RP Boo's delivering a dry cold killer with his super busy "That's It 4 Lil Ma" and Gant-Man delves deep into Detroit Techno with a tune ironically named "Jungle Juke". Focusing on things halftime and Trap-related is Boylan's 808 drums deep "He Watching Us" sporting some serious Amen wizzardry and seductive sawtooth synths, DJ PayPal resurrects and superslices some discoid, well-familiar samples in his 23rd Century CutUp Funk orgy "FM Blast" and DJ Earl x DJ Taye are "Wurkinn Da Bass" like there's no tomorrow, contributing another Hardcore Basement anthem to the "Nextlife" album and so does Rashad in collaboration with DJ Spinn,Taso and Manny on "OTS". With "Never Could Be Pt. 2" we see Tripletrain taking a ride to the deeper, more emotional side of things, Taso's solo effort "Drop That Thang" is even able to provide 171 second of paradise for proper EDM ravers with its serious siren and vocal cut up abuse, DJ Chap's "Glacier Bae" provides deep, cosmic string arrangements, laser bleeps and complex Jungle beats for a mental latenight audience and the triple pack of DJ PayPal x Feloneezy x Jackie Dagger are closing the show with their playful, uplifting GhettoBass piece "U Should No" - a sweet tribute to French FilterHouse on fast forward that puts a smile on my face for a reason. Heavyweight album. Get "Nextlife" for a reason. This one's essential.


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