Friday, November 28, 2014

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones / Witxes - Split [Denovali Records 216 Promo]

Fresh on Denovali Records is this kinda conceptual 41 minutes long two track album featuring both the Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones and Witxes - two French acts based within the Experimental / DarkJazz-scene on a mission to remix each other to a result of approx. 20 minutes runtime. Although it's quite hard to rate the artists works without knowing the original source material and to evaluate how it has been altered, replaced or re-arranged we see Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones opening their "Le Strategie Saint-Frusquin" which is in parts based on their opponents "The Apparel" with a plaintive sax that leads into a fuzzy, Feedback Noize-heavy world built of whooshing electric guitars and slowly grinding rhythm signatures, the foundation for the expression of a dark and deep grief and despair, rarely interrupted by cold, sputtering strings and eruptions of distorted bass before, right in the middle of the track, the emotional  setting seems to take a 180 turn into peaceful, calm and heavenly waters. A surprising twist with an undeniable reference to both Film Noir and Disney's star sparkling world of fairies and a world ideal met with a shitload of irony in the final five minutes of the first tune. When Witxes are taking care of Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones' "Nourrain Quinquet" with their epic Ambient-driven "Pisces Analogue" workout the first association that comes to mind is Karftwerk's 1975-released "Geigerzähler" snippet due to a lot of - seemingly - scientific noises and processed measurement device signals providing a buzzing background for deep Ambient spheres that are about to unfold hereinafter providing sheer beauty harshly destroyed by distorted, hard hitting, jittering sawtooth synth modulations drifting and meandering through psychedelic fields of strange nature after a heavy first impact, with disturbing frequencies slowly decomposing and sonic beauty finding its way to the surface, not unlike nature re-conquering the concrete structures of the lost Pripjat area. Recommended for cold winter nights.


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