Saturday, March 07, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2015

01. Champion & Mele - Get Down EP [Formula Records 009]
Killer fusion of raw, chopped, stripped down  UK Garage and a bass heavy, LFO-filtered vision of the long time missed Sublow sound for those who like their groove slightly more leftfield and like hammered through a huge, earthquake simulating P.A. system. Both tracks are meant to devastate dancefloors within seconds but yet might be appreciated ingredients in advanced South London Fusion / Broken House sessions as well. Large!

02. DJ Haus - Helta Skelta [Clone Jack For Daze 024]
Quite a big one that's been released only recently through Clone's Jack For Daze-series."Acid Bleep" on A1 fully lives up to its name being a jacking monster with a thrilling, ever modulating 303-line and heavy snare attacks whilst "Metronomy" on A2 takes things to the next level of abstraction with a foundation of electroid Broken Techno, sweet bleeps and seductive samples taken from Trio's 80s anthem "Da Da Da". On the flip the title track "Helta Skelta" turns out as a stomping, slightly oldskool'ish Techno piece for those who love their energy level high before the final "Bak 2 Tha Future" pays homage to the super dry, raw Chitown days in (Acid)House. Get.

03. Umwelt - Guts Of The City / Drvg Cvltvre - Horned Be The Hunter [Rave Or Die 003]
Rave Or Die is a pretty clear statement when it comes to label names and after listening to the first seconds of Drvg Cvltvre's  "Horned Be The Hunter" it's pretty obvious that these tracks are about to kill punters anyway if they dare to stop moving as especially this tune seems to be one of the darkest, most brain wrecking Acid tracks we've heard in a while - filled with spooky noises and a simple, top drawer modulation of the classic 303 that's about to disintegrate braincells by thousands per second. On the flip we see Umwelt fusing more dark, spiralling and well bouncyAcid with heavy Electro structures sporting huge claps and haunting synth atmospheres for those who worship evil forces. Fancy to play this one? Better be prepared for a dancefloor massacre and the rise of the dead.

04. Larry Levan's Paradise Garage: The Legend Of Dance Music Vol. 2 [Salsoul Records]
To be  referred to as pioneer and legend of any kind is a heavyweight legacy to deal with but if one man ever invented, pioneered and created dance music and took it to a new level it has to be Larry Levan's name that's mentioned. Many stories revolve around him and his all nighters at the Paradise Garage and this compilation gathers ten of the most essential tracks that shaped the sound of these nights for a reason - including First Choice's possibly most-sampled tune "Let No Man Put Asunder" alongside their blazin' "Love Thang" , Skyy's steamy and seductive "First Time Around", Loleatta Holloway's highly dramatic "Catch Me On The Rebound", Kebekelektrik's marching "War Dance" and other gems that shall not be missed by any Disco loving individual. Check!

05. Der Meisenknödel Brennt / Als Die Letzte Maus In Barmbek Starb [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 008 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Grauhandversteinerung - Wir Pfeiffen Auf Den Gurkenkönig[Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 007 Promo]
See review for details... 

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