Sunday, April 19, 2015

DiZE 7 - Unabridged [Psychocandies 035 Promo]

Recently released via the Acid-focused Psychocandies-imprint is DiZE 7's new single "Unabridged", sporting four variations of the "Acid Scheme (1 - 4)" plus an additional "Acid Scheme 1" rework crafted by Sascha Müller. With "Acid Scheme 1" DiZE 7 is exploring elastic, gummy and well-hypnotic variations of Acid to a very repetetive and slightly trance-inducing effect,  "Acid Scheme 2" serves short, spiralling MonoAcid loop action whilst "Acid Scheme 3" is on a more ecstatic tip, working its modulations and signature percussions well towards a climax never to come. Finally "Acid Scheme 4" is short trip to la-la-land where glitzy Disco stabs accompany frolicking 303's before Sascha Müller's rework of serves a dark'ish fusion of distorted ChemicalBeats, heavy Broken Industrial-attitude and a shrieking Acid line well-appealing to all those appreciating ultimate primetime madness - imagine an amalgamation of Wink's "Higher State Of Consciousness" and Rob Acid's "Schokodreck" and you're  almost there.


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