Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fuzzylogics - Rodach Schlothauer Weiser [Timescraper Music]

Live sampling as a concept - that's what the three Berlin-based musicians Michael Rodach, Burkhard Schlothauer and Andreas Weiser are aiming at with their new conjunctional project Fuzzylogics that has recently released its album debut via Timescraper Music. Based on the idea of a continous musical stream created of layers and layers of live bits, looped, overdubbed and replayed with additional layers of live improvisation, a steady evolution in sound the Jazz- , Classical and band-savvy triumvirate creates an organic flow yet reflecting the echoes of their musical heritage and - in parts - slightly paying homage to Dub techniques but usually wandering the realms between Dark Ambient, Drones and classical Ambient structures as well as touching the borders of Electronica every now and then whilst a tune like "Miles Groams" even reminisces of Dancehall beatwise before off rhythm percussions and electric guitar improvisations break up familiar structures, steering into new, unexplored terrain and the two bonus tracks come up with a new view on the genre mostly referred to as Future Jazz. Possibly best reflected by the uberly intense, alarming "Sirene" and the cold, alien ritual music of "Pulse-Streams" as well as the dreamy, somnabulant Post-PostRock of the 16+ minutes spanning "I Have A Dream" Fuzzylogics debut presents an interesting approach towards experimental music that sounds electronic but is generated live and in real time. Check.


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