Monday, April 06, 2015

More Social Media Channels...

As one might guess from 16k+ posts within a little more than five years that Twitter is the preferred medium of choice in terms of social media (ab)use for baze.djunkiii the times they are all changing and so - due to more recent events - it was well about time to embrace additional channels in terms of social media so there's three more platforms to expect some activities from in the future as listed below.

baze.djunkiii @ Facebook - was created due to the fact that I took over admin-duties for several pages more recently and, for that reason, needed a page of my own for this. Still I'm not madly in love with the platform itself so this was more set up to channel and repost FB mentions of mine and other stuff instead of being an active channel with original content for the time being.

baze.djunkiii @ Tumblr - subtitled "Random Bits And Pieces" this is exactly what this site is about. Visual content, also related to the Poemes Electroniques project I became part of, the occasional oldskool Rave or Techno track as well as photos from trips or - possibly, at some point - the raving past.

baze.djunkiii @ Youtube - it's there, although there's not much of content to be found yet. That might change in a bit as I'm still figuring out what's the best concept for this platform.

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