Saturday, April 04, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2015

01. Paula Temple - Deathvox [R&S Records 1412]
What a fucking monster of a 12" that serves a view on Techno one would've expected from the R&S Records camp around ca. 1993 / 1995. The title track "Deathvox" is one of the darkest, most energetic Tribal Techno tunes we've come across in ages, sporting short distorted synth signals and conjuring, shamanic basslines to fire up ecstatic ravers, leading them to an ultimate climax whilst "Monstro" revives century-old demons and monsters with its dark, distortion-heavy Industrial approach towards Broken SloMo Techno  ultraviolence. On the flip we'll find "Ful" which fuses enormous warehouse Techno drums with fever'ish Tribal vibes and Trance-inducing, slowly evolving string arrangements perfectly complimenting the pure sonic force of the beats. Huge one.

02. Various Artists - Strategies Against The Body: A Contemporary Survey [DKA Records 011]
Being a vinyl collector and always curious for new stuff I picked this compilation up blindfolded as staff recommendation from the people at the Wax n' Facts recordstore located in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta on my recent one weeks trip to the US working on and performing with the audiovisual art project Poemes Electroniques - some pics and impressions of this trip can be found  on Tumblr and Facebook. Over there I had little time for digging the crates, so I just jumped in for a quick shot, asking for some local electronic music  I probably couldn't find back in Germany and gave it a go which - in terms of this seven tracks compilation - was a great choice. With tunes by acts like High-Functioning Flesh, Tannhäuser Gate, Twins, Xander Harris, Redredred and Tifaret "Strategies Against The Body: A Contemporary Survey" meanders somewhat in between classic Industrial, NuBeat and EBM as well as serving a little dash of SynthWave for those who know. Recommended.

03. Fieberflug - Partikelflug [Flop Beat Disk 0006]
Limited to 150 copies this already hard to find marbled-grey vinyl pressing delivers a six track blueprint of how threatening and deadly Dark / Death Ambient can be. Deep, alarming drones and unsettling, metallic noises accompanied by other more alienating sounds of  unknown origin  perfectly fall into place, creating a gloomy soundtrack for horrific slo-mo nightmares. Be prepared.

04. Wiley - Snakes & Ladders [Big Dada Recordings]
Sometimes I wonder about my relationship to Wiley's more recent releases and talking his new album "Snakes & Ladders" it feels like a deja-vu from his 2012 Big Dada longplay piece "Evolve Or Be Extinct". Briefly skipping through both albums in the record store resulted in a judgement equivalent to 'not necessarily above average' / 'i don't need this to sit in my personal collection' but listening to it more closely and most importantly in one undisturbed session made them grow on me immensely. Speaking in terms of "Snakes & Ladders" it's especially tunes like "Badman", "On A Level", "Step 21", "Lonely ft.JR Writer, Problem,Gudda Gudda & Cam'Ron", "BMO Field" and "Flying *Zdot Remix Feat. Chip" alongside many others that finally got me hooked and do prove that Wiley is still on top of the game, although his hits and bangers seem to be more subtle than ever. Get.

05. DJ Peabird & Da Dancehall Massive present Dancehall Toolz [Breakz R Uz 019]
The man DJ Peabird joins Da Dancehall Massive again to cater another set of great DJ tools to all vinyl spinning and sample savvy mixmasters out there. A ton of classic sounds and vocal snippets on this one known and loved from Dancehall, Reggae and HipHop scenes but more importantly essential in shaping the sonic fingerprint of Jungle, early Drum'n'Bass, BigBeat and UK Garage. If you're spinning vinyl you can't even consider not to own this one.

06. PS Stamps Back vs. Anal Fissi - Homefucking Is Killing Prostitution [Minor Label 032]
Almost ten years have passed since "Homefucking Is Killing Prostitution" has been released as CDr via the Greek label 1000+1 TiLt. Now picked up by Leipzig's Minor Label for a limited to 200 pressings vinyl re-issue with a slightly changed track order these nine tracks on this album, walking the line in between Minimal Electronica, Dark Ambient, Deep Broken Techno and Clicks'n'Cuts , do prove that quality electronic music never grows old.

07. Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Dessaroi [Staubgold 136]
See review for details... 

08. Klaus Apfel / Les Clochards Du Monde - Killed By Jazz [Major Label / Matatu Records Promo]
See review for details... 

09. The Traxxmen - Nothing's Stopping [Muzique Records 111]
Another re-release from the thrilling nineties that's about to please all collectors cravings. Originally put on the circuit via Armando's Chicago-based Muzique Records back in 1994 we see The Traxxmen a.k.a. Eric Martin, Gant-man, Paul Johnson and Robert Woods exploring the realms of pumping, stripped down and pretty track'ish House music, serving massive hits like the uplifting and stab-heavy "Here We Go Again", the super anthemic, hormone-driven "In Yo Mouf"  and the massive wildpitch jam "Emergency". Raw, oldskool and still essential.

10. Wardrobe Memories - Life After Suicide [Feline/Feral 001 Promo]
See review for details...


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