Thursday, May 28, 2015

Continuum Sorge - Stutenbeschau [Starting To Pestalozzi 002]

Cassette tape singles are my new jam and so it's pretty amazing that the new release of German underground tape label Starting To Pestalozzi has been sitting in our P.O. box most recently. "Stutenbeschau" by Continuum Sorge, a limited C10 - yes, 10 minutes!- and lovely blue cassette serves the original title track and the so-called "Dub Mix" on the flip, with the original version being a kind of quirky hybrid between distorted Electronica drumming and cristalline,  warped, afx'ish synth melodies whilst the "Dub Mix" is on a classic lo-fi ItaloDisco tip, catering an unexepected and obviously bootlegged cut-up instrumental megamix for all real ItaloDisco lovers out there. Nice.


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