Friday, May 22, 2015

Kerbside Collection - Trash Or Treasure [Legere Recordings Promo]

Two years after their also Legere Recordings-released debut album "Mind The Curb" it's about time for the Australian Jazz-Funk outfit Kerbside Collection to come up with their sophomore longplay piece in June. Entitled "Trash Or Treasure" the forthcoming album is defo more of a treasure to all those loving their music decent, laid back, with a bit of an Exotica-twist whilst crossing over into the lands of Easy Listening and not shying away from what once was branded as ClubPop by labels like Bungalow Records back in the nineties. With brilliant SpyFunk instrumentals like "Feather Duster" the Kerbside Collection is setting dancefloors in motion for sure, "Kojak The Frog" caters the needs of all those loving their beats dope and hefty, "Cypress" enters the realms of Psychedelia whilst the highly recommendable "Get A Wriggle On" crosses over between spacy Future Jazz, Bossa and Drum'n'Bass tempo - a perfect dancefloor weapon. More Future Jazz excellence mixed up with a bit of Americana is provided by "Slidin' ", the 5+ minutes long "Red Clay" leaves enough space for long, masterly crafted guitar improvisations and the final excursion into "Strawberry Fields" combines a kind of decent, live-played House groove with loads and loads of Jazz to a stunning effect. Nice one.


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