Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dr NoiseM - Studio Works 10 [Dr NoiseM Tapes]

If you love Noize and other experimental electronic music there's no chance you haven't heard the name Dr NoiseM yet as this mysterious guy has literally been churning out track after track, compilation tune after compilation tune and album after album within the past 24 months. Now he's back with the tenth issue of his "Studio Works" series and once again there's some dark, heavy shit for all those loving the more unpleasant side of the sonic spectrum. From ultradigital HarshNoize ("BassBoss") to haunting, sci-fi dronage with unsettling movements in the sub field of the spectrum ("Death Noise Field") via gristly soldering sounds ("Leptone") and mind-bogging water treatments ("No Love") Dr NoiseM once again covers the whole spectrum of sonic experimentalism and serves the most brutal explosion of Harsh IndustrialNoize with the ironically titled "No Noise Inside". The three parts of his series "Planet UT-3967-AT" seem to resemble the fragile results of modular synthesis often used in the scores of old sci-fi movies, providing us with a fascinating kind of outlandish beauty, the 16 minutes of "Spiderdog" take us on a journey to the abandoned lands of slowly evolving DeathAmbient strolled only by ginormous, gruesome mutant creatures in search for prey and exotic melodies are blown over from afar by radioactive winds in the the calm, yet dystopian "Stille Nacht". Fans of hyperdigital Noize will truely appreciate the violent "Trip To Nowhere" followed by two more short electric outburst towards the end of the album. So if Noize is your preferred flavour, this album is one to check out for sure.


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