Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tangtype - Trajet [Humpty Dumpty Records Promo]

Released on May 18th via the Brussels-based imprint Humpty Dumpty Records is "Trajet", the second full-length album of the 2004-born Tangtype project created by producer Jean-Francois Brohee and vocalist Julie Cambier. With nine tracks and approx. 42 minutes of runtime their sophomore longplay piece is presenting a fascinating crossover of Electronic Jazz abstractions, Spoken Words vs. dark, longing Artschool Pop, some more laid back Downbeat-influences as well as a few intense, apocalyptic segments, all carefully interwoven into a partly demanding and defo non-easy fabric of deep Pop (Not Pop) Noir that needs some time (and a few replays) to fully grow and unfold but might become a soothing companion for cold and melancholic winter nights of the future.


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