Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Erik Bünger with Jan-Filip Tupa - The Empire Never Ended [Infinite Greyscale 007 Promo]

Erik Bünger: The Empire Never Ended & The Third Man

People speaking in tongues have always be an intriguing thing so we're assuming that quite a lot of of people will be thrilled by - and unleashing a lot of awkward, questionable theories about - the latest release put on the circuit by Berlin's Infinite Greyscale imprint only recently. Based upon the mysterious vocal recordings discovered by researcher Thomas Knoefel on a possibly 1948-recorded, 78RPM single pressed inside-out found and marked with the words "Dangerous! Do Not Play" in the archives of London's Society for Psychical Research which, until this day, have never been identified as a known language nor translated, the one-sided 10" now issued by Infinite Greyscale sporting beautiful silk-screen artwork is also pressed inside out, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and features a musical performance in which violinist Jan-Filip Tupa plays alongside the original vocal recordings, following a transcript that transfers the audible sequence of syllables into sheet music. The result is a fascinating, yet alien'esque and pretty unpredictable musical stakkato, discontinued by intense respiratory sounds and obscured by crackles of the original recording, with vocals and syllables balancing between agitation and uproar whilst sometimes even resembling shamanic chants speaking of unknown mysteries and intelligence, possibly once located on a now abandoned or sunken island somewhere in the Southern Pacific area to make an uneducated guess here. We're curious if more info on this conundrum will be found now that this release now is out in the open.

Also have a look at this video if you're curious about the artwork and silk-screen print.


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