Friday, July 24, 2015

Andi Stecher - Austreiben / Antreiben [Heart Of Noise Edition 003]

Not too long ago we've announced the forthcoming album"Austreiben / Antreiben" produced by Andi Stecher for the label and festival Heart Of Noise Edition via the Psychedelic Kitchen blog and now we're finally able to review the full longplay piece, which has been put on the circuit on June 20th, 2015 and is dealing with the pre-christian mask traditions of Europe's alpine regions, mostly related to the expulsion of winter through parades of often scary, masked figures and loads of clanging, percussive sounds. It's especially these sounds produced by tambourines and similar musical instruments on which the albums opener "(Un)durchdringbar" picks up with reprocessed field recordings from a far distance combined with low frequency bass waves and harshly squealing, metallic noises hard to bear for more faint-hearted listeners which are later covered and replaced by off kilter string instruments and fever'ish, electronic drumming building up into a wild climaxing crescendo towards the end. The following tracks "Möglicher Zugang - Übergang 1" and "Möglicher Zugang - Übergang 2 (Wilder)" can be seen as super dry, percussive interlude variations with the last mentioned soundwise paying homage to the Glitch / IDM-scene whilst the final tune "Tödi" starts things with more Field Recordings of what seemingly is a local alpine festivity but develops into a kind of deep, calming PopAmbient / Post-PostRock fusion perfectly suitable for late night consumption in front of an open fire and followers of acts like Klimek of F.S. Blumm.


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