Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sissy Spacek - Snell B/w Weather [Dry Lungs Records / Hirntrust Grind Media 039 Promo]

After a little break the Austrian label for sonic sickness and audio ultraviolence Hirntrust Grind Media comes up with a new release these days for which they teamed with another Austrian imprint dedicated to more destructive and way off mainstream audio recordings - Dry Lungs Records. Their conjunctional effort brings us loads of unpleasant and dystopian GrindNoize produced by the American band / project Sissy Spacek that is known, and hated for by the uninformed, for taking the Noize and audio chaos levels to the maximum extreme. Imagine a nerve wrecking, impermeable maelstrom of electric guitar feedbacks, buzzing HarshNoize, clanging metal object and aggressive high pitch frequencies layered thickly on top of superviolent screams and primeval grunts, creating sonic hell for inexperienced listeners who - after being confronted with this 7" might immediately start to peel off pieces of their own acutely rotten skin like the participants of the legendary Russian sleep experiment. Be warned!


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